About Us

Marc J. Miller

Mr. Miller has a unique combination of insight and experience unparalleled in today’s technology environment. He began his career at Shell Oil Company while still in college, working on some of the most advanced IBM mainframe systems in the country. He was selected as one of the first members of the first Shell Networking Group, which entailed designing and implementing the front end mainframe processors that networked Shell computers countrywide. The team also designed and tested company disaster recovery procedures. In addition, they provided second level support for the mainframe and minicomputer computer operators. The first generation IBM PC, Apple Lisa and Apple Macintosh computers were used for testing, management and documentation.

After receiving his business degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Houston, Mr. Miller worked as the Telecommunications and Software Support Manager for Financial Card Systems which designed the hardware and software for systems on the cutting edge of card activated Point of Sale systems. Mr. Miller was responsible for the custom accounting software using private branded cards, remote access, bank network interfaces for credit cards, support for the Regional Sales Managers and trade show service.

Mr. Miller started his own company in 1988 designing, implementing and servicing networks, which he then built into a fully integrated technology consulting company with over 25 technicians and support staff. While computer networks were always the primary focus, the company provided other services including programming, which included database development, tracking systems, docket calendaring, case management and builder draw program for banks to disperse payments for construction projects. Graphic design and web site development were also provided. The firm was one of the first Dragon voice recognition consultants and resellers.

Mr. Miller’s career began at the beginning of the computer revolution which has enabled him to acquire an unparalleled breadth and depth of experience that cannot be duplicated today. He has seen the technology industry from every vantage point and through numerous cycles, just as he has managed technology for a wide variety of companies through their startups, growth, mergers and acquisitions.